How To Layer Your Skincare Correctly

Updated: Oct 21

Does it really matter if you apply your active products before your moisturiser? Or if you lock in hydration with a moisturiser after your retinol?

The answer is YES.

You might be using the most amazingly formulated skincare, but if you're applying them in the wrong order, you could be wasting your time and money—without getting the results you want!

Why the Order of Skincare Products Matters

When you don't follow the correct order to apply your skincare products, you can run into two problems:

They may not penetrate: This is a problem if you're putting thin, fluid or water-based products on top of thick, creamy or oily ones. The richer products will form a barrier on your skin that prevents anything else from getting through.

They may be less effective: If certain products aren't able to penetrate your skin properly, you obviously can't get their full benefits. Plus, when certain active ingredients are meant to be applied away from each other, using them together can deactivate them or even create a new, unwanted chemical reaction. In either case, your routine won't be as effective as it should be.

The 4 “Rules” of Product Layering

There are four general "rules" to keep in mind when determining what order to apply your skincare products: