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Serums VS Oils - What Is The Difference

What is a serum and what are oils?

The great thing about serums is that they can be layered together, making them especially beneficial if you have a number of skin issues that need addressing. ⠀

When it comes to deciding which to apply first, the rule of thumb is to always start light and layer by consistency.

Lighter serums will be easily and quickly

absorbed into the skin while heavier

formulas such as oils seal in the ingredients and may take longer to absorb.

For serums that have more or less the same consistency, apply the one with the most targeted ingredients first. That means applying an antioxidant serum before a hydrating one.

If you’re using oils, I would recommend the use of them in the evening as a reparative and hydrating step.

Using an oil last allows the more impenetrable "oil" layer to trap hydration from your serums applied beforehand.

Facial oils have the ability to act as a sealant, meaning they can lock absorbent ingredients below to help them work more efficiently. PRO-TIP: Oil and water don't mix.


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