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ruby luxford

"Hayley is nothing short of amazing! I saw her for the first time after moving from the US to UK dealing with acne/impurities from the stress and changes. She knew exactly what I needed and my skin has never looked or felt better.


She is SO knowledgable and I know I'm in great hands with her. She is super friendly and goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and taken care of. HIGHLY recommend!"

Amy Robinson

"As much as I want to keep Hayley and her magical facials to myself... I need to tell the world. Monthly I have the Hydrafacial + Dermaplaning + LED facial and let me tell you... it's always such an amazing experience! I live 3 hours away and every time I visit it's definitely worth the journey.


The facial leaves you feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated. I suffer with a lot of congestion and her extractions are very effective and l walk out the door with zero redness! I always look forward coming to see Hayley monthly - I committed to a yearly course which keeps me and my skin on track!"


David gandy

"Hayley is my go-to when it comes to grooming and state of the art treatments. She is incredible at what she does and i always leave feeling instantly rejuvenated."

Melissa Lucus

"What a wonder Hayley is - that rare combination of brains, beauty and pragmatism, as well as being the best possible advertisement for her skills. After several decades spent seeking good skin on both sides of the Atlantic, I found it through Hayley. She is knowledgeable and no-nonsense and will tidy up your skin routine and hone it down to a few key products.


She will help you navigate the deluge of products out there to find what works for you. I am thrilled and relieved that I no longer have to worry about what I should try and what may, or may not, work. In about five short weeks my skin was transformed - it isn’t perfect (as i grew up in the sun) but it is as good as it can be without more serious intervention and, most importantly, it makes me happy. I am very grateful to her and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Bethany Alexander

"It was my first time to HHSKIN after reading all the amazing reviews. I was very nervous, but from the moment I went in everyone was super friendly and made me feel calm and relaxed. Hayley (who is just a miracle worker by the way) took her time explaining me through the different treatment options and hearing my concerns about my skin.


Never did I feel like she was pushing a treatment or a product for me to try. I now have a skin health plan in place and I have to say my skin has never looked as healthy, and that's just after 1 treatment!! Cannot recommend enough! Excited for my follow up appointment in a few weeks!"

karly Johnson

"I came to HHSKIN for laser hair removal over a year ago and couldn't be happier with the service and results I've had. Hayley has a wealth of knowledge within her expertise field. I'm extremely grateful for her help along the way and going forward."

Francesca bunting

"I was very cautious about seeing a new skin specialist, as I had seen one about 8 months previously, and wasn’t at all happy with the outcome. But I decided to trust the great things I had read and heard about Hayley – and I am so glad that I did!

Having gone to see Hayley about my very volatile and breakout prone skin, I was feeling down and resigned to being worried about acne well into my thirties.

But now, after just 9 weeks, my skin has undergone a huge transformation thanks to her advice and prescribed regime. My skin has never been clearer, softer or this luminous. But most importantly, I just feel back in control and confident again. I need and wear much less make up than before, feel so much more comfortable being looked at up-close, and don’t need nearly as many products as I thought (or had been religiously buying!...).

I would (and do) highly recommend anyone with skin concerns to make an appointment with Hayley. With all the so-called ‘advice’ out there, and endless products being targeted at us, she will help you understand what you really need and where to start."

Sarah brown

"More than adeptly prescribing me with the most targeted, effective skincare, Hayley is a constant source of sane advice which perfectly simplifies the route to getting great skin. In any industry full of promises, it is refreshing to have an authority pare things back. Hayley knows what works, and what doesn’t. She’ll tailor a regimen that works for your skin, and your lifestyle, and realises that none of us want the ‘down time’ associated with harsh protocols. I trust her advice implicitly."

Elizabeth miller

"I cannot recommend Hayley enough!

I’ve tried many of London’s top names in my quest for glowy, youthful skin and whilst most of them are very good, it wasn’t until I discovered Hayley that I knew I had someone I could trust implicitly with my skin, now and into the future. I wouldn’t dream of seeing anyone else. 

Hayley offers a warm, personal approach, scientifically based advice and errs on the side of talking you out of something rather than into it. I have never been happier with my skin, or felt in better hands with a cosmetic practitioner (skin specialist, aesthetician or otherwise)."

Phoebe Lopez

"..Who’s on your beauty speed dial? Hayley Hems for any skin woes that crop up unannounced!"

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