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Caring For Your Skin Goes Way Beyond Skincare

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

⁣Caring for your skin goes way beyond just skincare. Here are some of my top tips to take note of...

Non Bio Sensitive Washing Powder

Yes, the washing powder you use does matter when it comes to the towels you're using for your skin.

Residue of irritating ingredients in washing powders can stay within your towels even after washing and drying.

I discovered Ecover which contains minimal ingredients compared to other big brands and is also plant focused. If you suffer with sensitive skin or psoriasis like myself, switching your washing powder is something to consider.⠀

Cleanse Your Lips After Brushing Your Teeth

Your lips may look clean after brushing your teeth but residue from your toothpaste can remain on the lips and wreck havoc.

Toothpaste contains ingredients such as fluoride which can lead to dryness and then cracking (ouch), we’ve all been there.

I love to dampen a cotton disc with warm water and Seabuckthron Oil and use circular motions to cleanse my lips after brushing, followed by the nourishing IS Clinical LiProtect.


Change your pillowcases every other day or every day (if you're OCD like me).

Stock up on 100% cotton pillowcases, or if you really want to take it up a notch opt for silk. During the night our bodies naturally sweat, which consists of bacteria.

If your pillowcase is harbouring bacteria and oils your skin can become irritated. ⠀

High Neck Jumpers

Noticing small bumps on your neck? Wear high neck jumpers or tops that brush against your neck? Trapped heat build up around your neck area along with the friction of the material brushing against your skin may cause irritation and excess oil build up, which can lead to spots on the neck area. Opt for wearing soft, breathable materials for shorter periods of time. ⠀

Don’t Forget Your Ears

When you’re doing your daily double cleanse don’t forget to get in to your ears (not right in), but around the edges and outer ear to cleanse away that excess oil to prevent blackhead build up.

Surprisingly your ears are similar to your tzone, they tend to produce more oil than other areas of the face. ⠀


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