How To Magically De-Bloat Your Face

Waking up with a puffy, bloated face – nobody needs that. Although what if i told you, there were a few simple things you could do to get rid of the puffiness, because there are!

There are many causes of a puffy or bloated face although poor circulation and toxic build up from a poor diet (especially one high in salt, processed foods and alcohol) are often to blame. Medical conditions such as sinusitis can also be culprits for puffy eyes however, if you don’t suffer from any of these perhaps we should be focusing on what we eat.

Making adjustments to your lifestyle and diet are key to reducing a bloated face. Make sure you’re eating lots of fresh high water content foods and of course, reducing your salt and alcohol intake too. Drinking more water will help flush out toxins and discourage any fluid retention.

How can we deal when we wake up looking puffy, bloated and worse for wear – whether it’s our own fault or not? Attacking it first thing in the morning is key.

Top Tip

Drink a cup of hot water and lemon as soon as you wake up. This will help kick start and aid in your body’s natural detoxification proc