Is Your Skin Purging or Breaking Out? How to Tell the Difference (and What to Do If You Can’t)

Updated: Mar 3

When you start adding new products to your skincare routine, it's not always smooth sailing. Sometimes, they can break you out!

But there are "good" breakouts and "bad" breakouts.

The good kind are known as "purging" or an "initial breakout"— and it's worth suffering through the process, because on the other side is better skin. The bad kind are just, well, breakouts.

And they won't get any better unless you stop using the offending product.

But how do you tell the difference? Keep reading to find out...

  • What causes purging

  • How to know if your skin is purging

  • What causes breakouts

  • How to know if your skin is breaking out

  • When it could be purging OR a breakout

  • What to do if you can't figure out which one is happening!