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Skin Travelling Tips - Post Lockdown Travel

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Let’s face it, things are going to be a little different here on forward when travelling, so take a read of how you can keep yourself and your skin in good check when you take your next trip(s!)✈🌎

Carry antibacterial hand sanitiser and hands wipes with you EVERYWHERE. Our hands are our biggest transmitter. Tip: Wipe your table, hand rests and tv screen when you get to your seat 💺

If you’re brave enough to whack out your sheet mask mid-flight DO IT. Air in the pressurised cabins of planes is often less than 20% humidity. This means the air lacks moisture, causing your skin to become dry and uncomfortable🌡

Don’t forget your SPF... especially if you have a window seat as you are much closer to the ozone layer (almost 6 miles closer to be exact) - the sun’s rays are much more harmful! ☀

Drink plenty of fluids. Wine optional 😉 remind yourself to drink a glass of water every hour or sip on your water bottle regularly. It’s very important you drink water to help with retention post flight 🧃

Long haul flights, try and adjust your body clock a few days before flying. As we know, skipping sleep or interrupted sleep due to jet lag is not great for your skin! 💤


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