Is this the End of Make Up?

Hello Au Naturel

Is it just me, or have you also been wearing less to no foundation, make up in general, since our lives took a u-turn, backflip (and then some), back in March?

It seems for most of you, who I’ve seen for appointments post lockdown have opted for the more au naturel approach by letting the skin breathe and replenish without caking on that new foundation you've seen endless paid ads for on Instagram.

Trends are Changing. So, is Foundation Going Out of Fashion?

As more brands move towards the "no make up, make up look" it has me intrigued to see the direction of how women and increasing numbers of men are seeking to look after their skin. Instead of purchasing a product that will not only just superficially cover those unwanted blemishes but can wreck havoc on the skins microbiome, we are becoming more aware than ever what it is we are applying to the skin.

No Make Up, Make Up Look

What Is It?

No make up, make up is basically using the bare minimum amount, focusing more on the steps of application than the number of products.

This increasing trend has been popular on fashion runways for years with Emily Ratajkowski showing us that wearing the bear minimum and showcasing natural beauty really is the next big thing!