How Your Skin Changes in the Fall - From Summer to Autumn

The sun has set on summer and we are now enjoying all that autumn has to offer. Unfortunately, as the seasons change, so can your skin and the care it needs.

With fall in full swing, it’s time to talk skin. Autumn brings cooler weather and a drop in humidity, which makes for dry, stale air and even drier skin. 

Improper nutrition, stress, dehydration, poor skin care and environmental factors like harsh weather and seasonal changes are all factors that can play havoc with the skin, and it is essential to adjust our skin care routines to accommodate for these changes.

Whatever your summer experience was, your skin will need some help to get ready for the colder weather and potentially recover from the harsh effects of lazy days in the summer sun. Whether it’s repairing dry skin or combating summer pigmentation, here are my top tips to restore your skin to its best and to keep it hydrated for the months to come.

Speed Up Your Skin Renewal  

During the cooler months, our skin shedding process tends to slow down, which means our skin can become drier, rougher and develop a dull-looking appearance. Without exfoliating on a regular basis, dry flaky skin can accumulate which can lead to clogged pores. To speed up skin cell renewal and rejuvenate the skin around the face, neck and décolletage, I recommend hydra-dermabrasion treatments that include physical exfoliation as well as hydrating infusions of hyaluronic acid.

These vital components will help to massage the skin, remove dead skin cells, and hydrate and stimulate collagen renewal. In addition, exfoliation helps hydrating creams and serums to penetrate the skin better.