5 Steps To Feeling Confident Without Make-Up

If you're severely anxious about being seen without makeup, this is one post you've got to read.

Let me start this post by mentioning the fact that I LOVE makeup, there is nothing like a perfectly contoured cheekbone! However, I have encountered friends who have mentioned that they feel odd leaving the house without makeup on and to be honest, I’ve also felt this before.

When did we become so uncomfortable with our skin? Why do we have to spend an ungodly amount of time applying makeup on the days that we don’t WANT to? Learning to love what’s underneath the makeup can be challenging but here are some things that I’ve found helpful to see yourself in a new light.

Do It For Yourself

It’s hard to escape the influence of others but a good start before doing anything is to ask yourself why you are doing it. So, Why are you wearing makeup? Your answer doesn’t have to be something really deep and insightful – it can be if you want it -i.e (fighting the unrealistic expectations of women in a patriarchal society).

It can be as simple as “because I want to”, “Because I think it’s fun”., “I just want to try something new” All these are acceptable reasons as long as they stem from you and not how other people will feel about it. And quite frankly their discomfort over you not wearing makeup has nothing to do with you and a lot to do with them. So, pay it no mind and do you!

Take It Off One At a Time