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Why Laser Hair Removal is Life Changing

One of the greatest things for me is when one of my clients walks through my door with a big smile on their face, they then declare how dramatic the change has been since they had their last laser hair removal treatment.

This happens for some after their first session, others it takes a few more treatments. I can’t count how many have said to me that this treatment has literally changed their life (I have had the odd tear too….that’s ok!). This can be relevant for different areas of the face and body, especially for those who suffer with ingrowing hairs, stubble and coarse hair.

Many of my female and male clients find themselves shaving their face and body everyday, which can be soul destroying for some. What I see after a handful of sessions is that this isn’t the case anymore. The shaving begins to be every other day, then every few days, then every week until eventually after a handful of treatments they take it for granted that they don’t have much hair anymore – it’s AWESOME!

Here are a few frequently asked questions around laser hair removal.

What laser system do you use?

At HHSKiN we use Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal, which is the leading pain-free hair removal system. The Soprano ICE offers superior results that are more consistent and reliable for every skin colour (unlike other lasers, which give inconsistent results for different skin types and darker skin colours). It also delivers excellent results when treating sensitive skin and body areas, thanks to its gentle sweeping massage technique. 

The Soprano ICE combines the best laser for hair removal – using the industry ‘Gold Standard’ 810-nm diode – with an exclusive ‘in motion’ approach. The sensation felt during the treatment has been likened to a ‘hot stone massage’ (whereas other hair removal lasers can feel like a rubber band snapping at your skin or create an unpleasant burning sensation).

There is less risk of side effects associated with the Soprano ICE than other hair removal lasers. This is because the ‘Gold Standard’ 810-nm diode laser heats the sub-dermal layers first, providing more protection to the dermis, even in darker skins. The system also uses a dual chilled cooling head to further protect the skin.

How many sessions will I need?

Typically, 6 to 8 sessions and additional treatments (top up sessions) are recommended every 6 to 12 months to keep any dormant hairs at bay.

Will I need a patch test for Laser Hair Removal?

Yes. A patch test is required. You will only need to wait 15 minutes between the patch test and having the treatment if you want to go ahead with it there and then. Our patch tests are complimentary.

How do I book?

If you’re looking to start your laser hair removal journey or have questions, drop me an email or call and I’ll happily help guide you through. Alternatively, easily book in for your consultation on our website.


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